Perhutani sago flour mill h

Perhutani sago flour mill has a capacity of 30,000 tons a year. To build this plant, Perhutani must reach into his pocket as deep as Rp 150 billion. For the supply of raw materials, PBadak88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014erhutani will utilizing natural sago utilization of natural forest concession area of ​​17,000 ha of non timber.

At least sago players in this sector, said Bambang, a golden opportunity for the pioneers of this business. "Competition is still a little big so that its economic value," he said.

Although not set a target profit, Perhutani expect margins from selling sago is at least 20%. "In Papua, sago sold in the range of Rp 5,000 to Rp 6,000 per kilogram (kg), while just half of their production costs," said Bambang. After working on sago flour business, Perhutani intends to build bioethanol plant based sago in Papua.

Besides Riau, another area that could be developed for plant sago is Papua. Bambang Darmono, Head of the Unit for the Acceleration of Development of Papua and West Papua say, the region has the potential of sago plantation area of ​​3.2Badak88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014 million ha. However, so far only about 0.34% of land devoted to sago. n

They are women who like to show “jewelry”

They are women who like to show “jewelry” them. Whereas Allaah has forbidden this in His Word: MASTERPOKER88.COM JUDI POKER ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA RESMI DAN TERPERCAYA"And let them not reveal their jewels." (An Nur: 31)

Both are passions that followed. Their inclination to the pleasures of the world, and turn away from the afterlife because of their lack of sense and they are easy to be deceived by the pleasures of the world that they are weak to charitable causes.

Most of the women happy with a life of luxury. Ranging from stately homes like palaces, luxury cars price of billions of dollars, which is too expensive clothes and home furnishings are versatile lux. Most women also love to shop for super maket - super maket and easily tempted by diskonan and advertising in various media. So the Muslim woman should be good at managing finances, thanks to the provision of culture away from her husband and living lavishly.

Third, do not give thanks by giving husband. That is a wife who deny the virtues of her husband for so long time only with the attitude of the husband who does not fit in with his wife’s will. It is, as the saying goes, the heat is removed by rain one day a year.

He always felt less by what the husband given. Wife always demand a big salary from her husband, while the husband has been trying hard to earn a living for the family fund. Unless the husband is stingy not provide a decent salary for his wife when a large income.
The task of a wife is to be grateful for what is given him. Wife will make husband grateful obedience to Allaah. Conversely, a wife who does not want to give thanks by giving husband would encourage husbands of all the methods in the search for good luck.

There is an interesting story at the time of the Salaf. Hasan al-Basri said: “I have come to a cloth merchant in Mecca to buy clothes, and the traders began praising his wares and swearing, then I will leave and I say it is not worth buying from someone like that, then I will buy clothes from merchants others. Two years after that I Hajj and I met again with him, but I no longer hear him praised his wares and swearing.
then I asked him: “Is not you the person who had once met with me a few years ago?”
he replied: “absolutely yes”,
I asked again: “What made you change like now? I no longer see merchandise praise and swear! ”
he also told me: “I’ve got a wife that if I came to him with a bit of luck, he was despised, and if I come to him with a fortune that he thought it a bit much. Then Allah the mewafatkan my wife, and I will get married again to a woman. If I want to go to the market, he held my shirt and said: “O my husband, bertaqwalah to Allah, do not you feed me but with the Thoyib (kosher), if you come to me with a bit of luck, I will consider it a lot. And if you do not get anything I will help you spin (cloth).
See the book: al-Mujaalasah Jawaahirul wa ‘Ilm (5/252) by Abu Bakr Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Marwan al-ad-Dainuri Qodhi al-Maliki.


Interference that
free classified ads may cause the death of fish is a disease called non- parasitic diseases and diseases caused by parasites . Non- parasitic disorders can include water pollution such as the presence of toxic gases such as sulfuric acid or ammonia ; damage caused by arrest or abnormalities of the body due to heredity . Abatement is to detect the state of the pond and the fish behavior .
It takes considerable knowledge and experience to know . sick fish usually becomes thin and slow movements.
Other disorders such as parasitic disease , caused by bacteria , viruses , fungi and various other microorganisms . If the fish are exposed to diseases caused by parasites , can be identified as follows :

1 )

Diseases of the skin : in certain parts , especially in the red part of the chest , abdomen and base of the fin .
2 ) Diseases of the gills ; gill cover expands . Gazette gills become pale , sometimes seem a tinge of red and gray
3 ) Diseases of the organs in the abdomen bloated fish , scales stand .
Prevention of this disease can be done by lifting the fish and do a few days of drying an order at any stage parasites die . Parasites that attach to the body of the fish can be weeded with tweezers .
Treatment for fish that is quite
Taruhan Bola Online alarming situation , can be done using chemicals such as:

1 )
Treatment with Potassium Permanganate ( PK )

Provide water wells or other sources of clean water tank according to the weight of the fish to be treated .
b . Make a solution of PK as much as 2 liters or 1.5 sdt/100 gram/10 l water .
c . Soak the fish to be treated in the solution for 30-60 minutes continuously monitored .
d . If it has not healed well , re-treatment may be done 3 or 4 days later .
2 ) Treatment with Neguvon . Neguvon fish soaked in a solution with 2-3.5 % for 3 mernit . For the eradication of parasites in the pond , the material is dissolved in water to a concentration of 0.1 % Neguvon then splashed into a pool that has been drained . Let stand for 2 days .
3 ) Treatment with salt . This is done in rural areas that are difficult to get chemicals . How: ( 1 ) prepare a water -filled container . per 100 cc of water mixed with 1-2 grams ( NaCl ) , stirring until smooth ; ( 2 ) sick fish soaked in the solution . But because of this dangerous drug , duration of 5-10 minutes of soaking enough . ( 3 ) After the fish was immediately transferred to a clean container containing water to be moved further back into the pool , (4 ) re-treatment can be performed 3-4 days later in the same way .
7.2 . pest
For carp seed is the ultimate enemy of the disturbance of wild fish / predators and some types of pet fish such as Tawes , carp and Sepat . Other enemies are lizards , frogs , snakes and a variety of birds of prey .
8 . P A N E N
8.1 . arrest
Seed Harvesting can be done after 1 -
Pulau Pari  month -old seeds . How to discourage water little by little while entering waterways minimized . Put a soft net expenditure in the door to hold the seed or it could be to dig a trench in the middle of the pond leading to the drain holes . Seedlings were maintained well can reach weights 0.3 grams / fish when harvested .
Harvesting of carp very tersantung enlargement of the size of the consumer requested . Generally, harvesting is done after 2-3 year -old fish , a fish that was 2 years old has a length of about 25 cm and a weight of 0.3 kg / head , while for 3 -year -old fish about 35 cm in length and weigh 0.7 kg / head . For 4-year -old fish can reach a length of 40 cm and a weight of 1.5 kg / head .
As for how the arrest : venting water little by little , arrests were made in the morning . Avoid catching fish that can cause hurt .
8.2 . cleaning
After the water receded pool , seeds herded into small plots . Then diserok and put in a harvest basket . Usually harvest time is not just carp are caught , so the fish put into the pool before Pemberokan , should be selected and cleaned first . Cleaning seeds for 1 day . goal that was not drunk when fish are transported to the market . The length adjusted by the amount of seed cleaning .
9.1 . Handling of live fish
Sometimes fish consumption will
Pulau Paribe more expensive when sold alive . It is worth noting that the fish up to the consumer alive , fresh and healthy , among others :


The next process is to feed .

The next process is to feed .


( herbivores ) . going but when the carp seed size bersipat carnivores , therefore the type of feed given at the time of seed size carp in the form of water fleas ( Daphnia ) , silk worms . Herbivores in nature that occurs when the carp carp have grown .
Staple foods in the form of carp which can be set nutritional pellets , but in an area that is rather difficult to obtain pellets , leaves are an excellent alternative for food guramih carp fish fed 2 times a day with the pellets with 25 % protein content up to 30 % . Frequency of feeding is better in many frequencies but in small amounts - less than the frequency a little but more numerous. In addition to the fish food pellets can be added guramih leaves and vegetables . Leaves and vegetables are very beneficial to the health and growth of fish guramih .

The type of feed that is usually given to the carp are as follows : 1 . Leaf taro / taro leaves 2 . Sente leaves 3 . Cassava leaves 4 . 5 kale leaves . 6 sweet potato leaves . Papaya leaves 7 . Bean sprouts : mung bean sprouts , red bean sprouts , bean sprouts of young rice seedlings 8 . Pumpkin 9 . Artificial feed ( pellets ) 10 . Corn on the cob 11 . Bran 12 . Tofu 13 . peanut meal

Regular feeding with high quality and quantity can increase the growth of the fish grow faster

In aquaculture guramih with this tarp to avoid excessive feeding , if there is food left over must be immediately discarded . Fish food and fish waste that is in an ammonia -containing substances that are toxic to a certain amount for guramih . In addition to feeding the number and frequency of regular other things to note is the quality of the water .

Although guramih fairly resistant to water which is not good but the water needs to be cleaned and replaced the majority ( 30 % ) on a periodic basis . Usually replacement is done once a week by doing shift pond . Water sucked out with a hose or pump , the dirt out through the hose , then refilled with new water . Even better if given an aerator or filter to increase the levels of oxygen and clean up automatically.


next to the nursery pond clean of moss and dirt until it is completely clean and paint in lime water use continues dikeringkan.satu days later the water content to a depth of 30-40 cm.dan plangton prebiotics grower . This is because most of the carp food derived from food additives or artificial .
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